Affiliated Businesses

- 고급 지하상가 구성,  - 최첨단 디지털 광고시스템 개발 및 운영, - 문화편의공간 운영 등

- Shinbundang Railroad Co. Ltd. is running commercial facilities and amenities for customers' convenience, compared to other lines and offer differentiated services with advanced strategies. - Shopping center and other amenities are operated by the designated agency mall operators. In related inquiries, please contact the following agency

- Commercial operating agencies: GS Retail Co., Ltd. 82-2-2006-3090, 3198


For further details, please contact to Facility Team (82-31-8018-7697)

- DX Line Advertisement is breaking the usual subway outdoor advertisement by making a variety of new communication methods and paradigm. - It provides a more luxurious interior environment in new station facilities and makes them easy to create, the continuity of a series of media advertising and easy to utilize ZONE form. - Advertisements and other integrated advertisings are operated by the advertisement operating agency advertisement service and zone with a continuity of the media, please contact the following agencies for details

Advertising agencies: KT (070-4432-0422), Kwang In (02-3218-2812)


For further details, please contact to Facility Team (82-31-8018-7697)

- This business means collecting the fee from the petition(mobile communication) carriers who provide the services (WCDMA, LTE, WIFI, etc.) for their customers by using facility(pipelines, equipment installation space, etc.) in DX Line - Collection Method: Estimated operating profit distribution scheme