Management Philosophy

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Neo trance Management Philosophy

  • Vision

    TOP & BEST
    Neo Metro

    Containing the meaning aiming
    the new urban railroad
    To be the ‘Top’ in the side of
    profitability that has to be achieved
    as a metropolitan railroad company
    and in the side of reliability as the technology & transportation company
    by strongly presenting target point
    that Neo Trans has to aim.
    To be the ‘Best’ of Internal & external
    customer satisfaction, and a company
    respected from the society.
  • Slogan

    A subway in pursuit of subway for
    customer’s happiness and safety

    Customer’s Happiness
    Realization of touching service
    through optimization of human
    and material resources
    with the best value which our company
    has to offer for customers
    First criteria which our company
    has to apply to all management activities
    as a transportation service company
    Technological Subway
    Providing seamless safe
    and rapid transportation service
    through systemization of
    the driverless HRT operation technology, and maximizing the best customer satisfaction
  • Management

    Customer satisfaction, Strengthen
    the driverless subway technology,
    advance to relevant businesses

    Customer satisfaction(No.1)
    Realization the best satisfaction
    for internal/external customers
    and investors
    Strengthen the driverless
    subway technology
    Capitalization the driverless operation
    know-how and knowledge,
    Safe and convenient subway services
    Advance to relevant businesses
    PM service for Extension Line Projects
    and others, award of operation right,
    and advance to foreign projects

Management Policy

  • Safety Management
  • Communication & harmonization
  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Enhance competitiveness