HR System

of Talent


People who give a challenge continuously and achieve results
People who are progressive and have strong frontier spirit.
People who have responsibility and ownership mind with a strong vision and
challenging goals and also the desire to pursue achievements.


People who keep principles and develop together with colleagues
People who are moral and transparent.
People who have good interpersonal relationship and team work capability,
and reject factionalism, compassion, selfishness and authoritarianism.
People who will accomplish better achievements based on fair rules.


People who lead innovation with flexible thinking
People who have flexible mindset and are open to diversity.
People who constantly recognize ones’ shortcomings and have humble mind to
overcome them.
People who have strong absorption power over not the new things but over
better ones.
People who are creative and can come up ideas.


People who lead a company to take a leap into global competence
People who have best expertise in their fields in terms of business,
function and technology. People who can bring another level in their work by refusing to be “a babe in the woods” with understanding and insights on cutting edge trends in business and industry.


  • Benefits

    • - Regular physical checkup
    • - Accident insurance
    • - In-house dining
  • Life Plan

    • - Reward for long term workers
    • - Credit union
    • - Retirement benefits
  • Balance of Work and Life

    • - Support for club activity
    • - Gifts for birthday/holidays
    • - Support for special occasions
    • - Coverage for educational