Main Achievements

Based on management know-how and state of the art technology,
 Neo Trans provides its customers safety and convenience. 
Moreover, the company has the best technology for driverless operation system in Korea 
as a result of continuous efforts on R&D
Main Achievements table
Main Achievements
  • Top 10 technology award by “The Korean Society for Railway” :
    “Main Air Compressor Control Method for Rolling Stocks”
  • Company Innovation Awards: the winner of KCCI chair award
  • KSSS disaster management criteria: the winner of MPSS minister
    award (2015)
  • MPSS disaster management excellence citation (2015)
  • KOSHA industrial accident prevention: LOC (2013-2014)
  • Citation for MOLIT railroad safety excellent agency c(2013)
  • Korean subway’s first grand prize winner for “the most beautiful
    toilet” (2012)
National R&D and
Technical Services
  • National R&D
    - Analysis on interoperability of radio train control system
      (Dec. 2014)
    - Research on verification technology for the rolling stock parts
      and module suitability (Dec. 2015)
  • Technical Service
    - Korea Railroad Research Institute
    - Korea Rail Network Authority
    - Hyundai Rotem Co., Ltd
    - Korea Agency for Infrastructure Technology Advancement
Technical Assets
  • Patent registration and application
  • Copyright registration
  • Trademark registration
  • Bailment of technical data
  • Construction management(PM/SE) service for private investment
      on double-track rails for the phase 2 of DX Line
      (Jeongja~Gwanggyo) (Dec. 2011~Feb. 2016)
  • Operation preparation consignment service for private
      investment on double track rails for the phase 2 of DX Line
      (Jeongja~Gwanggyo) (Mar. 2014~Feb. 2016)

Passengers’ Safety First

“Seats may be yielded, but safety can never be passed up!”
NEO TRANS considers customer safety as the first priority!

Safety Performance table
Safety Performance
  • Accomplishment of three Zeros: No accident/disaster/fire
  • On time ratio and availability (RAMS): 99.99% operation performance
Safety Reinforcement
System Establishment
  • Quick reaction response system establishment
    - Reinforcement of safety back-up system based on computer
      operation - Installation of platform screen doors across all
Safety Management
  • Carried out quick reaction consolidated training
  • Strengthening of safety management for night-work